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John Joy
Drummer & Drum Teacher

Drum Lessons that are Fun, Friendly and Designed for You

John is a natural teacher with a great sense of humour and is clearly well used to working with children (my son is 8). His Zoom lessons work very well for us, saving travel to a local teacher. John has a great many resources as PDFs and MP3s designed and delivered in a way that encourages motivation and progress.


Parent of George

About John Joy

During his time at Roehampton Institute, John actively participated in numerous performances, showcasing his skills in the intricate African Sanctus by David Fanshawe. This piece seamlessly blended Western drumming techniques with recorded elements and a challenging choral composition. His extensive musical education, covering Rock, Sub-Saharan African music, various African drumming styles, Blues, Jazz, Folk drumming, Wind Band, and Orchestra performances, have equipped him with a well-rounded knowledge base.

Post-graduation, John continued refining his musical experience by playing gigs at renowned London venues like the now-closed Rock Garden in Covent Garden and the Kings Head in Fulham. As a freelance musician, he collaborated with diverse bands, notably contributing drums, lyrics and arrangements to "The Lost Eskimos'" album "Say Goodbye," available on iTunes. His involvement continued when he relocated from the London area to recording demos for original artists and composers.

For the past few years, John has showcased his drumming expertise in various ensembles, serving as a drummer/percussionist and providing sound effects for well-known local productions such as "Grease," "We Will Rock You," "War of the Worlds," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "9 to 5", and "Bugsy Malone." Actively gigging in his local area, he derives immense pleasure from delivering live music experiences. Additionally, John offers his drumming and sound effect services for corporate events, local church performances, and is adept at stepping in last-minute for other productions. John also plays on an Oktoberfest band throughout October called The Oompapas.


With years of teaching experience, John imparts his drumming knowledge in diverse settings, holding current positions at Melksham Oak Community School, Sarum Academy, John of Gaunt School, and Walwayne Court Primary School. His teaching success is evident in guiding students through initial drumming stages, exam preparations and taking the exams. John has kept a 100% pass rate for all students who have taken exams with his guidence. 

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Music Lessons should be for everyone, not just the “chosen few”


John holds accreditation from esteemed organisations in both music and education. Since 2013, he has served as a Roland Teacher Ambassador, showcasing his expertise in music education. Additionally, he is affiliated with The Sabian Education Network, and The D’Addario Education Collective, and has been recognized as a Drumeo-approved tutor since 2015. Proudly, John is designated as an Associate Provider for Wiltshire Music Connect, further solidifying his commitment to musical education in the community. 

As part of his dedication to providing a secure learning environment, John maintains a current and updated Enhanced DBS check. Going above and beyond, he creates personalized, tailor-made instructional sheets to aid individuals in mastering drumming techniques. John often goes the extra mile by crafting special sheets for students to address their specific queries and challenges, ensuring a customised and effective learning experience. 

In 2023, John published his first three Graded Work Books which contain tried and tested exercises and reviews to put all his resources for those Grades 1 - 3 in the hands of  his students. The aim of all of the books is to allow the student to develop a solid foundation and be exposed to different genres to allow them to have the broadest experience of drumming in the modern music scene.


Lesson Options

There are several options for lessons with John; either in person in Johns studio in North Bradley, Wiltshire on his VAD kit powered by a Roland TD-50X module, at any of the schools he teaches at or over the internet on Zoom. All of these are following the most up to date guidelines from the Government regarding the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.  John is very experienced in working with students who have additional needs and his aim is to share his love of music with those who wish to play. No student will be turned away due to additional needs. John is passionate that the music lessons he provides should not be elitist and is happy to make his lessons accessible for all.

Get in Touch

If you're seeking lessons in person, through Zoom, or a skilled musician for your project, don't hesitate to reach out. Please be aware that my schedule for Private Lessons is currently full, and I'm only able to accommodate new students at the schools where I am currently teaching.


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